1. A Cantankerous Vermin My senses Gets depreciated When a boisterous crowd Turns bedlam. Paroxysm unleashes And I learn fatalism Indignantly Furiously Babbling for Measures Precautions Diametrically opposing The Giver And The taker Witnessing A Carnage Genocides Burnt human carcass CAPITALISM Mercenaries Jostling Democracy To irregularly menstruate And Podgy politicians Poaching thousand millions Sit poised […]

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Life according to many is either useless or meaningless. True in its nature, life obviously has its own say on people. Those who lead a happy life are demarcated and secluded from the one’s who are disturbed and live with distressed lamentation. Now with a sense of broad mindedness, i proclaim that life is nothing […]

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I am a humble Professor of English from Tiruchirappalli, India, with a vision to learn from all sources and try to deviate from the odd conventions practised and followed by people blindly. The ultimate aim of this blog is to be an eye- opener pointing out the mistakes carried out by people in the name of conventions. I seek the assistance of intellectuals with high calibre, who can bring forth new philosophies into existence and bring about a massive change in the minds of the people. Mutter Better looks forward to intellectual discourses and critical comments purely from people with hungry hearts and blazing thoughts.